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    I'm happy with Dr. Lee's detailed and thoughtful diagnosis and treatment.
  • I'm happy with Dr. Lee's detailed and thoughtful diagnosis and treatment.

    ~ Anonymous

    Source: Health Grades

  • Dr. Lee repaired both of my severely damaged knees. I would not ne able to walk without her. I highly recommend!!!

    ~ Thomas

    Source: Health Grades

  • Let me start off with saying I am highly satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Cassandra Lee and her staff. I suffered severe injuries to both of my knees. I violently dislocsted them both at the same time. I tore my ACL,LCL,and PCL in both knees. I tore off my patellar tendon in my right knee and a tibia Plateau fracture. I tore the hamstring in my left leg and had significant nerve damage causing what is known as foot drop. The combination of injuries I sustained is extremely rare. I had four long painful surgeries. I spent about seven months in a wheelchair and fought so hard to gain my strength and fitness back. Dr. Lee did an amazing job on my surgery. In my opinion (which is a very very rare one) she did an excellent job. It has been about two-and-a-half years from my surgeries at the time of this review. There was a point where I wasn't sure if I would walk again but I have been working out 3 times a week at CrossFit East Sacramento. Walking and jogging are difficult but I am doing both of them. The surgeon you get to fix your messed-up Body Matters a lot but what matters even more is the time you put into rehabilitating your body and mind. I am living proof that she did an amazing job on my knees. When I first met Dr. Lee she was very comforting and explaining what I was about to embark on. She was honest with me about the uphill battle I was facing. I appreciate a surgeon that is upfront and honest and to the point. She followed up with me after each of my surgeries. She even came to my bedside when I was hospitalized for two of the surgeries. What matters most in a surgeon is one that is going to fix you right the first time. If you are reading this review and wondering if Dr Lee is skilled enough or good enough please take my word for it. She is great!

    ~ anonymous

    Source: Vitals

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