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Tips and exercises to help you avoid ski and snowboard injuries

It’s that time of year again: There’s fresh powder in the mountains, and many of us are eager to hit the slopes. However, along with the fun of skiing or snowboarding comes the risk of injury.

On average, between two and four skiers per 1,000 are injured each day on the slopes in the U.S., according to the UC Davis Health Sports Medicine team. Injury rates are similar for snowboarding.

5 Exercises That Can Help Prevent Ski and Snowboard Injuries:

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Patient survives tragic accident with the help of UC Davis Health nurses and physicians

It has been almost two years since Dan Williams woke up in his living room pinned under a car that had crashed into his Rancho Cordova home.

Minutes earlier, he had been watching the NFC championship game with his wife and mother, as his beloved 49ers hosted the Green Bay Packers. Now, Williams was lying under a car with a ruptured spleen, broken sternum, a myocardial contusion or a bruise to his heart muscle and a broken arm.

“I don't remember much after waking up, a lot of it comes in flashes,” Williams recalled. “I remember seeing lights blinking, hearing sirens, and thinking I must be in an ambulance.” ... view more

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